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(2017-12-07, 08:45:38)AlmaataKZ Wrote:
(2017-12-06, 20:49:44)moralcrusader Wrote: A Minirig ( Or better, two minirigs (for stereo). Or, even better (but overkill for most applications) two minirigs and a minirig sub.

I have a Minirig that I take with me wherever I go. It's loud, it sounds pretty damn good and has excellent battery life. I think it's the best portable speaker I've heard.

True story 1: On a friend's stag do, we rented a cottage. I insisted on taking my Yamaha HS7s and a preamp with so we could have a proper music session (I wasn't about to take my 5s). I scoffed when my friend pulled out a backpack containing 2 minirigs and a minirig sub. However, I had to admit that they sounded better in that particular scenario and of course they had about 5 hours batter life whereas I was trailing power cables everywhere.

True story 2: On same friend's wedding, we daisy chained three minirigs together and drove them from a portable mic amp. They were loud enough to act as a PA system for the outdoor wedding ceremony.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a paid shill of minirigs. I just think they're great!

Looks like a nice product!

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Sold on Amazon so I suggest reading the reviews. A few users report quality control problems and poor after-sales support. I am somewhat sceptical of Amazon reviews, but these appear to be consistent in the described problems. It is only a small percentage of reviewers though.
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