Will DM10's work in the US ?
(2017-11-23, 15:22:09)Chris Wrote:
(2017-11-23, 15:19:34)Supertone Wrote: I asked Martin Hill whether the DM10s would work in Canada as I am possibly moving out there in a couple of years. He said "The power supply in the DM10s is not universal, as with many audiophile products of this type, and is factory set according to requirement, but it can be very easily changed if required".

He did say that AVI would be happy to update my DM10s to 110v should I require the conversion.

If that was the case i'm not sure why they would indicate a fuse rating for 110v...

That is a little odd I agree but that is what he told me. I just cut and paste his reply to my email. Also when I ordered my DM10s Ash said that I should ask for the wires which connect to the power transfer to be left a little bit longer to help with the conversion.
Thanks for the input gents, it's not like I need to sell these urgently or anything.

I'm not going to go to the trouble of getting Avi to modify them, just to ship them to the states via EBay.

Far too many risks for me as the seller I feel.

Thank gents.
Power = volts x amps. If you drop the voltage to 110V then you need to draw roughly twice the current for the same power output. You could just fit the higher current fuse, but this would not provide the same protection at 220+ Volts. It is a matter of managing the safety margins.

This does not say anything about an auto-sensing power supply - or otherwise. I would email AVI on martinhill.mail@gmail.com for firm confirmation one way or the other - unless Ash is able to jump in on this. I honestly cannot remember, but I suspect it is NOT auto-sensing. Modification by a qualified technician (I have to say that, don't I?) should be straightforward, I also suspect.
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Didnt AVI ship some units to the US?

I suppose its not hard to believe that these would have been adapted especially for US voltages.

Same as other countries which use different supplies.
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There is no question about supplying the USA or other 110V regions. The question is: can they be switched from one voltage range to the other? I am fairly certain it is an easy change, but it will mean taking the back plates off and changing mains voltage connections. This needs to be done properly and then the fuses need to be changed too. Not a problem for any service technician, given the right information.
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PM Sent
(2017-11-23, 17:52:12).Supertone Wrote: PM Sent

Thank you, and replied.

Clearly the designer should know, and so I'm sure they have to be reconfigured (rewired).

In any case, I'm not going to all that trouble to send them to the US when under EBay rules now the buyer seems to have almost unlimited protection and the seller does not ! 

I'm in no rush to sell them, fate seems to be dictating I'll keep them.
Easy change would be to disconnect one of the primaries for the PT.
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