(2017-05-20, 13:25:05)Ashley James Wrote: The Merc is bearable, but only just and the Porsche is twelve years old, Bose and appalling. Even female news readers cause boom with the bass output reduced!

I did not mean the sound system, but this silly idea:

I get disapproving looks from Mrs dB if it gets noisy so the only positive thing I can think to say about it is that it does occasionaly encourage a bit of right-foot restraint. A few owners disconnect it. There is a bespoke driving mode menu and if I remembered to do it I could set everything else to Sport except for the Soundaktor.

Toyota has a tube that pipes some induction noise into the cabin on the GT86. At least you can just put a bung in that, or an old sock (as in "put a sock in it").
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Blimey, what a silly idea. Noise is the enemy when you're travelling, especially in this country where road noise is so high and surfaces so poor.
Some days it just isn’t worth the hassle of chewing through the restraints......
I play loads of different music, but most of them are pop and dance orientated and to be honest the DM10's plays them all very well. Some dance tunes have a "sweet" high frequency note, such as: Jam & Spoon - Right In The Night, Dance 2 Trance - Power Of American Natives, Jam & Spoon - My First F.F., Robert Miles - Children (Full Dream Version), etc, etc.

Normally I get very irritated by too much high or matte high, but the DM10's are none of those! You could argue the AVI Sub (latest) could benefit pop and dance, but I have set these at a very subtle 9:30 of a recommended 11:30-12:00 as I like the sub to complement and follow the speakers and not the other way round. A higher setting is too much for my room and dance needs mid bass too! Also R&B or old Hip Hop would be to heavy sounding. In general pop and rock benefits most from the subwoofer.
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