What I am listening to now!
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Interesting album that...as it marked the moment that Scott Walker began his amazing sojourn away from his Brothers and into the world of the weird and wonderful.
I assume you are familiar with his solo albums 'Climate Of Hunter' 'The Drift' and the peak of his Avant Garde work 'Tilt'.
Amazing man...amazing voice.... even though his solo albums are sometimes a hard listen but one which I find ultimately  VERY rewarding.
I also have Bish Bosch, Ety, which I'm not ashamed to admit I had to ingest portion-wise as it's so chock-full of ideas, making it a bit chewy. Outlandish perhaps but very worthwhile nonetheless.
Scott Walker is like an Onion..... he reveals himself one layer at a time...but the peeling can be quite emotional and often involves a few tears. Big Grin
There was a Scott Walker tribute concert at this years promenade season which may still be available on BBC iplayer? I watched it at the time and it was excellent. Reminded you what an incredible maverick talent he was/is. He was much admired by the late great David Bowie too no less.
There's a few fragments on Youtube of the 2008 Drifting and Tilting show, notably bits of Damon Albarn and Jarvis Cocker contributions, but you'll presumably be aware of those.
I've found a download of that proms issue Ety, thanks!
Nice one....hope you enjoy it too!  Smile
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Machine Head - Supercharger.
First time I’ve listened to it in ages.

They’re touring next year.
Sony HW40 & Screen. AVI DM5 6.1
ADM 40+ 58" Panasonic
Saw that Dave Gilmour at Pompeii was on bbc2 last night. So it should be on iplayer
Sony HW40 & Screen. AVI DM5 6.1
ADM 40+ 58" Panasonic
The difference between a good system and a great system is that this sounds real on a great system.

Pretty much 99% of systems that I've heard in hifi shops don't cut it. The DM5s won't cut it. Even the DM10 can't cut it.
However if you also have the AVI subwoofer to accompany your DM10s play this at high volume in a pitch black room with no light or visual cues of any kind and you can believe that you're in a very large room with a group of Japanese drummers. It has to be loud though. You can really feel the bass with real drums too.

Go on give it a go. Wink



Steve I'll try that tomorrow evening when I've got the house to myself.

It's quite an experience.

It needs to be loud though. Remember how uncomfortable drums feel in real life.
Fruit Bats - Absolute Loser