Active Speaker manufacturers and links
(2017-08-12, 08:41:21)rolo46 Wrote: Im still not sure B&Os philosophy is for a dedicated music experience as defined by sitting in the perfect hot spot and intensely listening to music and drama

That's the whole idea behind the concept and design of the BeoLab 50 and BeoLab 90 (especially the BeoLab 90). At the push of a button you can focus or expand the sweet spot depending on how many people are listening and where they are seated.

It's worth reading about the tech that's been developed into them to control the directivity and room reflections characteristics that are produced. They really are very clever.
I listened to the Beolab 5 a couple of times, and though it a little crude sounding, like the ATC 100s, and actually found it difficult to recognise the intro on the track Brothers in Arms.
The acoustic lens principle is describes by them as providing a wide stereo listening area