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  Shure Bluetooth Wireless Earphones
Posted by: dBerriff - Yesterday, 22:41:56 - Forum: Audio-visual - Replies (1)

This looks interesting:

You can buy the Bluetooth adapter to use with existing or alternative earphones.

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  Headphone Amp with DAC and Bluetooth - Recommendations
Posted by: iambeard - Yesterday, 16:41:58 - Forum: Audio-visual - No Replies

Hi All

I have a pair of Shure 1540
I want to use them with the TV late at night.
Rather than a long cable, I would prefer to have an amp/dac next to the sofa and connect that to the tv via bluetooth (Tv has bluetooth facility).

I would be happy with a half decent amplifier with a dac and bluetooth built in

So far Ive only come across 
Creative sound blaster E3 and E5
Has any tired either and can offer an opinion
And of course I would appreciate any alternative product recommendations

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  Acoustic Energy AE1 actives on ebay
Posted by: LJ67 - Yesterday, 12:44:19 - Forum: Buying and selling - Replies (2)

Just seen these on ebay:

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  RAID 5 Recovery
Posted by: TB Hansen - Yesterday, 08:15:38 - Forum: Audio-visual - Replies (9)

My wife is a keen photographer, and all her shots from 2009–13 are stored in a WD ShareSpace NAS, with 4 discs in a RAID 5 set-up.

The NAS was completely backed up in 2013, but it turns out that later editions of the pics are also stored to the NAS (thanks to Adobe LightRoom), and this is not backed up (at least not systematically).

Now, when some of the post 2013 editions are picked for publishing, the NAS brakes down.

There's several companies doing data recovery around here, but the prices are very steep — even the least expensive company charges far more than the book sales can possibly cover. Also, unless one pays twice the ordinary fees or more, recovery are not done in less that three weeks — which might not be soon enough for the publisher.

There's software available, even for Mac (I can use the latest Mac OS and Windows 10), that promises RAID recovery. Is this any good? I found one application that apparently can recover data from each disk, but not reconstruct the data as one volume. That won't do of course.

Is it safe to try this at home anyway?

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  Does anyone have photos of the black ash DM10s?
Posted by: andrewinuk - 2017-09-15, 12:05:29 - Forum: Audio-visual - Replies (7) i am about to sell my new DM10s, but I've not yet opened the box!

I am thinking that i need a photo or two of something other than a closed box to help sell them :-)



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  For Harley Quinn fans
Posted by: richardw42 - 2017-09-12, 13:47:36 - Forum: Buying and selling - Replies (1)

Only 600

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  Some American outfit called Apple - announcements today
Posted by: dBerriff - 2017-09-12, 12:42:31 - Forum: Audio-visual - Replies (89)

If you want to throw plaudits or rotten tomatoes, Apple is announcing some new stuff today. 

I could be tempted by the expected new ATV. I do not expect anything radical but Ash likes his ATV 4 and I would hope the software gives a step or two forward from our faultless ATV 3.

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  Jordan Eikona Reflex 7...
Posted by: Davey - 2017-09-11, 23:11:03 - Forum: Audio-visual - Replies (3)

...Are now available from BK Electronics, I notice.

Gloss Black and White, £734 a pair.

[Image: Reflex%207%20Front1-s.jpg]

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  Airplay Dropouts to ATV3 in one direction only
Posted by: mdh - 2017-09-08, 16:25:58 - Forum: Audio-visual - Replies (9)

Hi All - first post for ages. I know the subject of airplay dropouts has been done to death here and elsewhere, but I've got a strange problem and I'm sure the knowledgable folk here can save me a lot of googling.

My itunes library is hosted on a small dell Inspiron windows7 machine that is doing as close to nothing else as I can manage.

The family has multiple ipads/pods/phones. Everyone can see the library just fine

The ATV3 can also see the library fine.

Here's the problem. If I use the ATV to browse the library, select some music and play it, it works fine, never misses a beat. Same if I browse the library from an ipad - no problem. I've just listened to the whole of Seconds Out without a single hiccup.

However when I select airplay from itunes on the dell and try to redirect to the ATV it stutters to the point of being unusable.

Now I could live with this if I only wanted to listen via the ATV, but I want to add more airplay devices around the house. I'd also prefer to control itunes via the remote control app on the ipad so I don't need to turn on the TV just to operate the Atv.

Thanks in advance

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