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  Review of a very cheap pair of speakers.
Posted by: steve-z - Yesterday, 16:07:18 - Forum: Reviews - Replies (1)

Hi all, having sold my ADM9s to fund a new amp to drive my Jordan VTLs my bedroom setup was lacking a pair of speakers, as the bedroom system is only in use about 30mins to an hour a day and not for critical listening I decided to buy the cheapest pair of speakers (under £100) that I could find.
As you do I checked online and Youtube reviews of various models and decide on a pair of Roth Oli Ra1s an extremely small (smaller than DM5s) speaker which looked well made and got several very positive reviews online, at a price of just £89 post free from Amazon.
They are very neat and quite stylish, I bought them in white, they come with a magnetic grill and a wall bracket included, being near a back wall is recommended to augment the bass which is said to finish at 80hz. I will probably get round to fitting the wall brackets as the tiny speakers look a bit silly on the Atacama stands they're perched on atm the top plate is way bigger than the speaker bases.
It was obvious from the first few seconds of the first track I played that small cheap speakers have come on quite a bit since I last bought a speaker this small, the clarity and openness on offer took me by surprise as did the quite reasonable amount and quality of the bass on offer, assisted by my positioning them just 2" from the wall, mid bass of course as low bass is absent having only a 4" bass driver, what's there is respectably tight and fast, so much so that I doubt I'll use my little Yamaha sub with it. At normal listening levels I don't detect any nasties at all, reviews say they can become a bit hard sounding at high volumes but it's unlikely they'll ever be pushed that hard in my usage.
I get the feeling these could be used to good effect as rear channel speakers in a HC setup as well as desktop computer speakers in the near field.
For the price I think they are little gems, I'll probably make some additional comments once I had a chance to try them with a selection of different music, so far I'm impressed  Smile

Edit:- As you can see from the photo below I now have the speakers on the wall brackets, very simple but effective slot in affairs, there are 2 pairs of adhesive pads supplied to fit to the bottom corners of the speakers to produce a small standoff to enable the rear port on the speakers to "breath" a bit. The speakers manufacturer specs also appear a little conservative as a frequency sweep shows they go down to 70hz not 80hz as specified. They definitely have a fuller sound on the wall mounts, the spacer pads only holding them about 1cm from the wall probably has something to do with it.

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  Using an old iPod as a hifi source/remote control
Posted by: steve_1979 - 2017-05-21, 00:14:53 - Forum: Audio-visual - Replies (14)

Hi everyone. Smile

I'm considering buying an old iPod as a source/remote control and would like to run the idea past you guys to make sure that it will work before spending any money.

I currently use a PC as my main a source into a Yamaha DSP-E800 receiver which is used as a DAC and pre-amp before going to the analog inputs on my DM10s. To save me the bother of having to turn on the PC every time I want to listen to music I'd like to get a cheap old 64GB iPod, fill it with MP3s and wirelessy send the music to an AEX which will be plugged into the Yamaha receiver.

Does this sound sensible to you or am I missing something here?


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  Chris Cornell. R.I.P
Posted by: Etymotic - 2017-05-18, 10:29:18 - Forum: Media - Replies (7)

Chris Cornell lead singer with Soundgarden and Audioslave has been announced dead at the age of 52. More recently he had been doing solo albums but Soundgarden had reformed last year and were currently touring.
One of my favourite rock singers. What a waste and what a young age. Death apparently sudden and unexplained.

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  Another corker from Kirk
Posted by: birdbrain - 2017-05-17, 08:07:26 - Forum: Audio-visual - Replies (2)

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  For Sale - Cambridge Audio Dacmagic +
Posted by: steve-z - 2017-05-16, 18:15:43 - Forum: Buying and selling - Replies (8)

Hi guys, hot on the heels of my ADM9 sale I'm now selling my Cambridge Audio Dacmagic + DAC. 
The unit is in mint condition finished in Black and I do have the original box for it. The unit has 2 digital inputs which can be selected and each has a choice of either optical or coaxial connection, there's also a usb audio input so it can take its feed from a PC. It has a pair of normal RCA output sockets as well as a pair of balanced XLR outputs. It also has a digital pass through output if you wanted to daisy chain it with other equipment. There is also a socket for an optional Bluetooth Audio Receiver. The unit also comes with a rubber stand/foot which enables it to be used in a vertical orientation if space is limited on a desk top.
The unit can be used as a preamp either with a fixed output or variable with the volume control knob.
The unit also has onboard a very good sounding headphone amplifier. MRRP on these units is £350, I'm setting a selling price at £180 including carriage.

Here's a very in depth review of the Dacmagic + by Ken Rockwell

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  HDMI to 5.1 analogue adaptor
Posted by: timhum - 2017-05-16, 13:58:36 - Forum: Audio-visual - Replies (2)

I am helping out a family friend who wants to show a film, she has the video side sorted and I have offered to sort out the sound. She has done it before with a simple stereo rig and this time it is not available so I thought I would show the delights of a centre speaker.

The most efficient way seems to be taking the HDMI feed out of their splitter and getting the 5.1 audio off it with a de-embedder but there might be a domestic version which is more affordable and in use by one of the fine fellows here.

Any suggestions gratefully received, thanks.

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  For Sale - Rosewood ADM9s
Posted by: steve-z - 2017-05-16, 10:16:53 - Forum: Buying and selling - Replies (16)

[Image: 34692657895_e9f3f58ca1_b.jpg]Untitled by Stephen Zarczynski, on Flickr

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Information MP3 R.I.P.
Posted by: dBerriff - 2017-05-15, 12:04:44 - Forum: Audio-visual - Replies (21)

Don't panic! You will still be able to play any files you have and I suspect coding software will still be in use years from now, but all licensing for the format has been "terminated".

The codec is only "officially" dead. Some tweets suggest it might actually become more popular because of this.

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  iTunes via computer and Chromecast to DM10s
Posted by: Supertone - 2017-05-10, 15:56:41 - Forum: Audio-visual - Replies (8)

I noticed that when casting (using Audio-cast) iTunes music from my computer to a Chromecast which is connected via the optical input of my Marantz SA8005 SACD/CD player to the DM10s and AVI Sub that the sound of vocals was quite sharp and piercing on many songs. Clicking on the speaker icon on the computer it shows the computer is using the Realtec built in soundcard.  Changing the equaliser settings in iTunes helped but it still did not sound right.

However if I connect the computer via a USB cable to the USB DAC on the CD player it automatically switches to use the Marantz digital audio interface and the sound is much improved. I found that de-selecting the equaliser in iTunes helps too although the flat setting is ok.
As the computer does not have an optical output I can’t connect directly to the optical input of the DM10s. I’m using the optical inputs of the DM10s for my CD player and the television which is why I am connecting the Chromecast via the CD player.

I’m wondering if I should just give up with the Chromecast.

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Posted by: Studiobitz - 2017-05-10, 10:57:42 - Forum: Reviews - Replies (38)

I've had more HiFi than most, in actual fact, more HiFi than anyone else I think I've ever read about over the years. I normally try and keep quiet about this as I have no idea why I'm obsessed with Hifi, why it has been a lifelong hobby and I don't really like being labeled an audiophile. For me, unlike many others and other hifi enthusiasts, the loudspeaker has always been the most important part of the reproduction chain. It is the Voice of a System, it is the Big Audio Screen which allows us to see into a recording or hear the influences of whats attached to it (the system and changes to it). For others its the Source, with there good sound in, good sound out approach. AVI have always been a little different and I like that.

Avi, have always strived to give you an exact audio representation of what the input signal is to the system. They have done this with massive engineering skills, both electronically and acoustically and having a real understanding of how to integrate the two together. One amplifier which I believe in the whole hifi world which was and still is pretty much a Holey Grail product is the Lab Series Integrated. A tiny little black box that produced Grip and Control of a loudspeaker diaphram like no other for around £1000. It can still perform against amplifier pre and power combinations costing many many times its price and leave them sounding lame and lifeless. After this, Avi have moved away from conventional hifi and for a very very good reason. Understanding that you could control a loudspeaker more accurately when coupling their brilliant amplifiers directly to the drivers and dividing the frequencies before the amplification allowed a much steeper, cleaner and more accurate frequency curve but also massively reducing distortion across this crossover frequency range. It also allowed each driver to be driven by a specific amp suited to its range. This also allows near perfect phase coherence and by adding a specific pre amplifier and dac to the system could achieve much more out a single pair of active speakers than many systems costing much much more. A passive crossover , however, no matter how well designed and how good the component quality is being driven by the amplifier. In a conventional speaker and this crossover is loosing grip on the drivers as it itself is being driven. Its like trying to push something with a spring in between you and what your pushing.

AVI have constantly developed their active technologies and the current top model the Dm10 has been on the go now for a few years. I previously tried out the 9T's a few years back and although I got it then, they just didn't capture me ?! Anyway, the Dm10's are a significantly better loudspeaker. Their are many changes to the amps and crossover and they use far better and specifically designed and manufactured drive units. They do still have the AVI house sound as stated in another review somewhere, but this time they have what I had previously craved from the 9T's but felt the fell short on, A tuely believable Midrange. I am going to say right now that I have never heard better midrange performance anywhere, ever, at any price.....!!!! period, even my Maggies!!!. They are just so clear and natural that you can hear the quality of every part of a recording, from from to back and from left to right with pinpoint accuracy and absolute resolution. Multiple instruments in a mix are all placed perfectly in space and the separation is just jaw dropping. Tones so clear and harmonically pure and textural.

A live performance on the D10's (when well recorded) is exceptionally realistic. You can hear every detail, the harmonics of every instrument and the space created by the reverb it has. You hear the performance and the people at the performance in the room with you like you are actually there (something the 9t's didn't quite manage for me). Every instruments dynamics are fast and accurate more so that any other speaker I have owned and with a seperation which is unique. Vocals, male or female are utterly realistic ! The fast attack from a snare or the complex overtones of a saxophone and electric guitar do not confuse with vocals or background ambience. Cabinet influence to the sound is minimal, unlike most other designs which drive a volume of air inside a box or laberynth of some kind to produce a tuned resonance which artificially enhances the speaker like a bass control would on an amplifier. For me personally, the tweeter is perhaps a touch too smooth or slightly overdamped in the highest registers, but it is honest and accurate, if it misses anything, it is the top end air or sense of space created by some of the more exotic tweeters on the planet , but they also seem to add some kind of artificial unrealistic sparkle or artfacts to the sound which simply doesn't exist in real life. Listen around to what you hear around yourself or at a concert and not what you expect to hear. Dm10's are closer to real life and is that not what we are trying to reproduce in our homes ?  True Audio Fidelity..

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