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  New Vinyl Pressing Plant To Open In Melbourne 2018
Posted by: Davey - 7 hours ago - Forum: Nostalgia - No Replies

Quote:Modern Vinyl Record Pressing Comes to Melbourne

Program Records is pleased to announce plans to open Australia’s first modern vinyl pressing plant in over 30 years.

The company will focus on supporting the local music scene backed by a data driven and highly efficient production facility.

The purpose built factory will install state of the art WarmTone presses made by Viryltech in Toronto, along with a new plating / stamper making system + experienced mastering and lacquer cutting.

Program Records Steve Lynch said, “We want to make great records, support the Australian music scene and have fun along the way.”

Opening planned for early 2018

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  Tweeter replacement
Posted by: acebass - 8 hours ago - Forum: Audio-visual - No Replies

I've been reading the avi tweeter upgrade thread with a lot of interest and am now considering changing those used in my Mackie HRmk2 speakers. 

The current ones used are of unknown origin. Plus, in one tweeter the phase plate (?) above the dome is not positioned above the centre correctly, which is rather annoying when they're on my desk and I can see the misalignment. There is definitely no way of fixing it. They sound fine but I want to try something better from a reputable manufacturer. 

I propose replacing them with these

The sensitivity and nominal impedance figures are the same, and they have the same mounting plates.

However, these speakers are hand calibrated. There are several potentiometers for adjusting different levels and frequencies which were used in an anechoic chamber during manufacture to get a flat response, with equipment I obviously don't have. 

I presume this calibration would be to compensate for driver discrepancies rather than the active electronics? Therefore a different tweeter would not be optimally tuned in perhaps?

Could there really be an improvement, or could things end up out of balance?

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  For sale Dm10's Walnut (9 months old) Now Sold
Posted by: Jonn3 - 2017-07-20, 11:31:06 - Forum: Buying and selling - Replies (2)

Unfortunately I'm having to sell my prized babies.

So these are in excellent condition with box remote control cables etc.

Im looking for £1400 ovno 

And prefer collection please.

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  Smart Phone Protection
Posted by: dBerriff - 2017-07-20, 09:09:46 - Forum: Reviews - Replies (8)

I recently decided to buy a new smart phone so that I could "lend" my old one to one of my daughters.

I prefer the wallet-type cases with a flap that covers the screen, but I have found that many have a silly design flaw. They have slots for cards to be kept in the flap. Even without any cards in place, I found that these slots eventually marked the screen. A screen protector is the answer, but even so it seems to me a strange design decision. What damage will credit cards inflict on the screen over time?

This time I have found a better design:

There is a flap between the card storage and the screen. It costs four times what I have got used to paying in TK Max but for the sake of an expensive phone which needs to last me many years to justify the cost, it is probably a good investment. It feels well-made, was delivered quickly and so an initial recommendation from me, subject to assessing its performance over time.

Does anyone have any recommendations for screen protectors?

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  Arcam owned by Harmon owned by Samsung
Posted by: Ashley James - 2017-07-19, 13:41:05 - Forum: Audio-visual - Replies (16)

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  White Ash (Light Ash really) DM10's like new
Posted by: true-blue - 2017-07-16, 18:25:37 - Forum: Buying and selling - Replies (4)

Purchased earlier this year, only used at weekends, perfect like new condition. 

Want to move away from stand mounts, so plan is to sell these and then keep eyes peeled for 40's 

£1500 either collected or posted (uk only) 

Remote, box etc all in perfect condition. 

Thanks for looking  Big Grin

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  Recommendations for USB PC soundcard with optical and/or analogue inputs
Posted by: moralcrusader - 2017-07-12, 17:49:22 - Forum: Audio-visual - Replies (3)

Hello! It's been a while  Tongue

A friend of mine is looking for a means of recording some audio on his PC. He doesn't have any kind of dedicated audio HW, and the quality of components is likely to be low.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a cheap* (<£150) audio interface with good quality analogue and digital inputs?


* I am amused by what this hobby has done to my perception of what is 'cheap'

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  New Apple TV
Posted by: Ashley James - 2017-07-12, 10:02:10 - Forum: Reviews - Replies (47)

Just bought one and am surprised at how much of an improvement it is on my ATV3. It's vastly more powerful, easier to set up and use, Siri is flawless and old black and white movies have better picture.

My TV has an optical out, so it's loss on the ATV4 isn't an issue, but presumably anyone who needs a DAC will buy the £10 one that comes with the iPhone and use that. It's incredibly good.

If you've been thinking it's not worth the effort or doesn't do something you think it should, you're wrong. It's more versatile and more intelligent.

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  NVA P20 Passive Preamp
Posted by: LJ67 - 2017-07-12, 09:41:54 - Forum: Reviews - Replies (23)

I've been using my Roksan integrated amp as a preamp with my DM5s since I got them a couple of years ago. The only problem was a slight hum so I've been thinking about getting a passive preamp for quite a while. I was looking at one from Tisbury Audio but the NVA was recommended as a better alternative.

It was never a priority and I thought I would move away from CD and just use my recently purchased ipod directly into my DM5s. Unfortunately the ipod's volume control isn't that great.
I then bought an Arcam rBlink bluetooth receiver/DAC but I still like to use the odd CD now and then, especially when I've forgotten to charge the ipod.

I finally decided to order the little NVA P20 and it's great. It only has two inputs which is all I need and is nicely made. I was worried that I would miss having a remote control but oddly I really like adjusting the volume manually! It's a nice smooth action and better than dabbing up and down on a remote.

If all you need is a simple passive volume control for a pair of actives and you don't need lots of inputs then the NVA P20 will be perfect.

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  Floyd Toole talk on loudspeaker assessment
Posted by: billt - 2017-07-11, 20:32:56 - Forum: Audio-visual - Replies (1)

Browsing Siegfried Linkwitz's website I came across a link to a talk given by Floyd Toole, late of Harman and author of "Sound Reproduction - the Acoustics and Psychoacoustics of Loudspeakers and Rooms".

He covers some of the same ground that is in his book, but if you can sit through the 70 odd minutes it's an enlightening insight into reliable loudspeaker testing and the correlation of loudspeaker characteristics and perceived sound quality.

He makes some amusing comparisons between very expensive but poorly performing speakers and cheap but highly performing speakers near the end.

It might help if I put the link in!

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